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Amazon Product Launch Services

Selling on Amazon is not as easy as it used to be. Trying to
profitably tap into a niche market is time-consuming and
requires unbridled patience. Without the right expertise, you
may go insane putting your faith in guesswork and anecdotal

At WLC, we can help you get an edge on the competition
and find you quality products and niches..

Enter New Markets With Our Data Driven Research

The ‘perfect product’ is a myth. What works for one seller might be too competitive and costly for another. Shunning cookie-cutter formulas, we take time to get to know you and your needs before any research can commence.

Once a relationship has been established, our consultants use data-and-technology-driven research services to explore the Amazon market. They generate, organise, grade and summarise data to find the ideal products for you.

Take Advantage of Our
Best-in-class Product
Research Services “Your
Profit. Our Celebration”.

Product research can be maddening. It is time-consuming
and involves hours of analysis of competitors, bestseller
categories, market trends, and demands.

We can get you ahead of the competition with our range
of product research tools and YEARS OF expertise.

Let Your Products Do The Talking!

Contact us today to enjoy budget-oriented and profitable products. We will:

  • Understand your specific goals and objectives. Are you a new seller? An established seller wanting to expand? OR PERHAPS YOU ARE an existing retailer new to Amazon? Whatever your needs, we will provide you with the bespoke research you need.
  • Brainstorm ideas to find the right product for your business.
  • Use our research tools to establish criteria and gather prospective products.
  • Analyse market data to understand your competition.
  • Perform comprehensive analysis of price, net profits and ROI TO get to that product that is ‘perfect for you’.
  • Help you find the right supplier for your e-commerce platform.
  • Launch your products on Amazon and manage product shipments and much more.

Why Hire WLC For Your Product Research?

Your products can fail to attract attention without the right strategies and data. We offer:

  • Top-notch tools to target maximum ROI: With results-driven and proven software, our expert team of researchers can deliver accurate and authentic data to help you thrive in tough marketplaces.
  • Research tools: With more tools at our disposal than 90% of sellers, we offer value for money.
  • Data-driven process: Get to the front of the pack with our knowledge of statistics. We analyze tons of data to give you the information that matters to you..
  • Product-sourcing functionalities: We operate as a through-line to manufacturers. We arrange meet-ups, contracts, reports, and quotations to help find the right manufacturer for you.
  • Understanding past sales records: To better grasp customer behaviour and patterns, we track past sales information, practices, and trend history.
  • Post-launch functions: Our work doesn’t stop at launch. We continue to work closely with clients, continually upgrading, reviewing and enhancing the visibility of your product.
  • Shipment management: Our experts will manage all activities relating to shipment and quotations.
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