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Generate Quality Traffic to your Amazon Brand with Social Media Management 

With millions of sellers on Amazon, you need something more than basic PPC solutions to survive. With our Social Media Management services, you will be spending fewer dollars and earning more ROI.

“We strategize. You sell”

Dive into the best social media management strategies

We will actively post creative and attractive content like live videos, product pictures, blogs and promotional posts. We will target popular social media sites, including Instagram, Google, Twitter, Pinterest, and Facebook, to capture the market.

World Wide Listings can help you whether you are looking to bring more customers to your Amazon store, your own web platform or to create marketing funnels and build your database of customer emails.

  • We will use your social media ad to send customers directly to your Amazon listing page or a landing page. We will use a super URL to link your Amazon product using a targeted keyword. We will provide additional sales by boosting website traffic. 
  • We continually research your target demographics to use your investment in the right social channels. Millennials are more into Facebook, Twitter and Instagram while Gen Z is more into TikTok, Instagram reels and Snapchat. 
  • We also integrate Sales Funnel services to get more information about your customers. It is a combination of social media and advertising and email marketing. It will help out interested visitors and create more refined traffic. 
  • We also offer maintenance of social media chatbots to communicate with your potential clients. We will run your content in our social media ads and leave a personal message to each visitor. 

Let us Manage your branding Platforms inside or outside of Amazon

We will create a website for your products and link them to your Amazon product page. Our website creation services will help you diversify your brand out of Amazon to give you greater ownership and control of your customer base.

Our services also extend to the creation and maintenance of social media apps and chatbots to effectively retain your customers. 

Get into the Latest Trend of Influencer Marketing

People are more into influencers than celebrity endorsements.  Now get connected to relevant influencers with an incredible engagement rates and increase the visibility of your post. We will reach out to the top influencers and negotiate on your behalf to boost your reach. 

Learn the Importance of Engaging Social Media Content

Reach 500+ million users with our engaging blog posts. We post regular blog articles relating to your products to build positive relationships with your customers. Now stay ahead of your competitors with our ad tech, innovative and programmatic blogs. 

We also manage your social media posts and reduce the impact of negative comments. We will continually post relevant content to reach out to your customers. We will distribute the content on all famous platforms to extend your business reach. 

Reach out today and let World Wide Listings bring the world to your doorstep.

Social Media Management

To build a successful brand and to have a loyal following, you must not rely entirely on ads within Amazon. effective social media campaigns will result in brand recognition. It will also mean that your future product launches will be that much easier as you will have the all-important initial push that results from early sales and product reviews. Your own website will mean that you can divercify away from Amazon so that you do not have a single point of failure for your business. Running social media accounts, creating content and developing a website can be a time-consuming and complex process. Let us take care of it and give you expert assistance to allow you to focus on running other aspects of your business.
We will create a content strategy calendar and discuss the posting schedule with you. We manage your accounts on a daily basis so the most common posting schedule is 1-3 posts a day in order to create consistency and engage with your target audience.
Once we have established your goals and created a marketing strategy, we will create content that is specifically targeted for your audience. Whether it is to inform, entertain or persuade, we will create bespoke content to engage across all platforms.
Yes! As managers of your social media channels, it is our responsibility to provide first-class customer service in order to give your brand a positive reputation.

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