Legal Translation Services

Legal Translation Services

At World Wide Listings we provide high quality legal translation into or from any European language.

The following are categories that usually  fall under the term ‘legal translation’:


  • Sworn Translation: These translations are endorsed by the seal and signature of a sworn Translator. It is  usually the High Courts that authorise such sworn translators to translate documents. The resulting translation is thus recognised as an ‘official document’ by officials in that country.  Sworn translation is popular in Europe and other parts of the world. 


  • Certified translation:  this type of translation is more prevalent in the UK and Commonwealth countries.  certified translation is very similar to sworn translation but for the fact that certified translators are not appointed by courts or government officials but instead are regulated by translation bodies.


  • Notarised translations:  notarised translations are a level above sworn and certified translations.  The translators will swear by taking an oath before the public notary that they have documented the translation. The notary public will attach a seal to endure that he/she has witnessed the translations and has examined the original documents.


  • Apostille: These are notarised translations that are further authenticated by courts (in the case of sworn translations) or a foreign office (in the case of certified translations), as in the case of the UK.

Learn the Importance of Legal Translations for Amazon Sellers 

When you are selling in any EU country or even in the UK, if you are based in a country outside of the EU, then you will need to register for VAT from the day you start selling on Amazon FBA or Pan EU FBA. Each EU country has its own legal requirements for documents relating to registration for VAT. But these usually include passports, certificates of incorporation, birth certificates and other documents.  

All of these documents, where the source language is different from the target language, needs to be legally translated.  At WWL, we have extensive experience in legal translation for VAT purposes and can help you navigate the complex and confusing world of European VAT.

Leverage our Legal Translation Services

  • At WWL, we can provide plain, certified or legal translation of any document to and from any language. 
  • In the EU, you will need legal translation to German, French, Italian, Spanish, Dutch, Czech and Polish to meet the VAT specifications in those countries for the purpose of selling Amazon FBA. 
  • We also provide simple translations of your Amazon listing pages and other official documents. 

Legal Translations Are Not A Requirement Only For Amazon Sellers

Wherever you may be located in the world and wherever you are trying to conduct official business.  Contact us today to discuss your needs for localisation, translation and legal translation.


The price for translation will vary depending on the type of document and the number of words to be translated, as this affects the amount of time it takes.
The best way to send them is to scan the document and email it to us. Alternatively, you can photocopy the document and send it to us by post.
We can translate from many different formats, however, the most commonly used ones are MS Office and PDFs. Where possible, we prefer to work with Word documents.
Yes, our translators sign a comprehensive agreement every time we work with a new customer to ensure that the customer’s information remains confidential and will not be transmitted to a third party.

    Please provide the following information to help us provide you with a non-binding, tailor-made competitive quote:

    Note that if you require a quotation based on more than one service or on recurring work then you would be advised to get in touch via email or telephone as our friendly and experienced client manager will be able to provide you with a discounted quote

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    What is the source language? i.e. language of original documents.
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    What format will you provide the documents in? MS Word would be most preferred format.
    How many documents do you require translated?
    How many pages is each document
    How many words are contained in each document?
    Do the documents contain images, stamps, signitures, tables or other special content? Please specify and also specify how you would want these handled.
    Specifications of translation standard. i.e. Sworn, certified or plain?
    When is the latest you need this work completed by?
    Any other comments? Please include any formatting requirements you may not already have mentioned.
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