Product Research Services

Product Research Services

Sell High Demand, Low Competition, Profitable Products in Your Chosen Niche

Amazon Product Research 

We do product research. You sell.”

Do you still use guesswork and anecdotal evidence to decide what to sell on Amazon? Have you often wondered what makes your competitors gain profitable niches while you are struggling to find one? Product research involves expertise, market knowledge, latest tools and hours of patience.  

Selling on Amazon is not as easy as it once was.

Most Amazon sellers now know the magic formulae of a successful product:  high demand, low competition, right price range, small size, lightweight, etc, etc.

But knowing what a good product looks like is far from being able to find one.

with everyone looking for exactly the same type of products and using similar tools, what hope do you have of ever finding that rare gem of an item you can have enough confidence in to invest your hard-earned cash and time in developing?

At WWL, we have teams dedicated to nothing else but product research.  

Enter New Markets with Our Research Data

We recognise that the perfect product is a relevant term.  What can be perfect for one seller might be too competitive for another.  We take time to get to know you and your needs before starting any research for you.

Our consultants use data-and-technology-driven research services to explore the e-commerce market. Without the proper knowledge, hours on a complex research database, spreadsheets and tools won’t fetch you any results. Let our experts organize, sort, grade and capsulize the data to find out ideal products for you. 

Take Advantage of Our Best-in-class Product Research Services

“Your profit. Our celebration.”

Whether you are an aspiring marketer or an existing seller conducting an Amazon product research can be maddening. Surfing hot items, competitor’s product range, bestseller categories, analysing market demand and listings are time-consuming and stressful. 

You will face challenges, risks and doubts at each step of product research. But we have got you covered. With our range of product research tools and experience, you will be able to get an edge over your competitors. 

Let Your Products Do the Talking!

Contact us today to enjoy budget-oriented and profitable products. We will help you with:

  • Understand your specific goals and objectives.  Are you a new seller?  An established seller wanting to expand your offerings?  An existing retailer but new to Amazon?  whatever your needs are, we will understand them and provide you with bespoke research.
  • brainstorm ideas to find the right product for your business
  • Use our research tool to set up research criteria and gather prospective products
  • Analyze market data to get a grip of competitor’s products
  • Comprehensive analysis of price, net profits and ROI
  • Helping you find the right supplier for your e-commerce platform
  • Launch your products on Amazon and manage product shipments 

Dive Right into Our Unique Service Offerings

Without the right strategies and data, your products can never attract the attention of the customer. 

  • Top-notch tools to target maximum ROI: To get you past the possibility of investing in less profitable products, we use result-driven and proven software coupled with the intelligence and experience of our motivated team to deliver results.  We deliver the most accurate and authentic data to help you survive in the tough competition.
  • Research tools:  We have more tools at our disposal than over 90% of sellers are ever likely to have access to.  This is just one more reason why we can provide you with the best value for your money.
  • Competitor’ analysis: We closely watch your competitors gain significant insight into their product catalogues, sales volume, product strengths and weaknesses to give you the edge you need.
  • Data-driven process: Using the correct statistics will help you to lead from the front. We will analyze the level of competition, business volume, customer reviews, purchase box rate, trending products and costs. We go through tons of data to dispatch real information to you. 
  • Product-sourcing functionalities: We will find you the right manufacturers and suppliers to give a kick-start to your business. We can arrange meet-ups, contracts, reports, quotations and logistics management. 
  • Understanding past sales records: To get a better grip on customer behaviour and patterns, we track the past sales information, pattern and trend history. 
  • Post-launch functions: We don’t end at just launching your product on Amazon. We will continually upgrade, review and enhance the visibility of your product. 
  • Shipment management: Our experts will manage all activities relating to shipment and quotations. 


Product Research

Accordion Sample DescAmazon Product Research is possibly the most crucial stage in your business model. It gathers important information about your audience and competition which will enable you to make informed business decisions. This is essential for growing and developing your business on Amazon in order to create a high profit margin. ription
Accordion SWe can carry out product research in all established marketplaces such as USA, Canada, UK, Germany, France, Italy,, Spain and India. Other marketplaces are not yet supported by research tools so we would not be able to generate the necessary data on which to base our analysis. However, research tools are improving all the time so get in touch and we can discuss further.ample Description
Yes, our team of product researchers will be able to conduct a full analysis of your chosen product and where it has the potential to stand in the market. We will list the strengths and weaknesses of your product in comparison to your competitors and give you suggestions for improvement. For more information, complete our online form and provide details and links (if possible) of your product.
Although it isn't necessary, FBA is the most popular way to sell on Amazon. FBA means that for a small cost, Amazon take control of the fulfilment and shipping, providing a first class experience for your customers. Alongside this, FBA listings are eligible for a Prime badge, which can dramatically increase your sales.


Don’t stay stuck with items that are not doing well. Contact us today to get guaranteed positive outcomes. 

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