How to Move Up Amazon’s Best Sellers Ranking?

With over 350 million products listed on their site Amazon has become a jungle saturated with products. You name it, they have it, and 20 variations of it. In an online world where a storefront cannot grab your attention, sellers need to find other ways to stand out. Enter Amazon’s Best Sellers Ranking (BSR), the shiny passport that gets you to page one of Amazon’s search results and your product seen by millions of potential customers. The algorithm that determines your Amazon Best Sellers Ranking is a well guarded secret that you can spend hours trying to solve. Luckily we are here to demisty the process with some helpful tips to increase your Amazon Best Sellers Rank and have you well on the way to becoming a successful Amazon seller.

What is Amazon’s Best Sellers Ranking?

The Amazon Best Sellers Rank is the metric used by Amazon to rank its products. Once an item has been sold it is automatically assigned a ranking based upon the amount of units sold in its chosen category. 

Why does an Amazon Best Sellers Rank Matter? 

A good BSR can get you on page one of Amazon’s search results, the first item customers see when they search for your product. A clearer web presence leads to more organic traffic and less of a reliance on Amazon PPC advertising. Which means a lower ACoS and more profit. 

How Do You Become A Top Seller on Amazon? 

With Amazon Best Sellers Ranking being determined by units sold, the most straightforward way to move up the rankings is to sell more. The two ways this can be achieved is through layout and promotion. 

What Makes a Good Layout? 

Here are a few tips on how to increase your Amazon Best Sellers Rank

  • A Strong Product Title 

Your title should clearly define what your product is and include relevant keywords such as colour and size and a brand name if it is a popular one. 

  • Make the Most of Your Product Description 

When describing your product clearly state what it is. Be sure to list all of its benefits and keep product descriptions short, avoid long paragraphs, bullet points are a great way of doing so. 

  • Have a Multiple Varying Product Images 

As the saying goes a picture is worth 1000 words so make your product images count. 

To maximize the impact of your images ensure the they follow these guidlines: 

  • The image has a white background 
  • That the product is in frame and in focus 
  • That there is no text in the image 

Use images that demonstrate your products real-world functionality, include infographics to not just show its quality but prove it.

How to Use Promotions to Increase my Amazon Best Sellers Ranking

  • Pricing 

Nothing beats a good bargain. Be sure to check out your competitor’s prices to see you are not over or under pricing your product. 

  • Promotions 

Promotions are another great way to increase your Amazon Best Sellers Rank. Offering discounts in exchange for reviews or running multibuy promotions are not only good for matching competition but encourage customers to spend more. 

Do not just confine your promotions to Amazon. Social media is a fantastic promotional tool, especially if you have a creative flair. 

While offering a discount may not initially affect your BSR it will go a long way to raising your visibility and boosting long-term profitability. 

  • Offer Prime and Amazon FBA

Convenience rules the modern world. People want products in their hands now. It may seem like a no-brainer but Amazon Prime’s delivery service is the easiest way to guarantee your customers get their products in the quickest time possible. 

  • Reviews 

93% of customers read Amazon reviews, so having a backlog of good reviews is another easy way of increasing your Amazon Best Sellers Rank. Always be sure to prompt a customer to leave a review, directly after making their purchase and then again a few days after receiving it. While bad reviews will inevitably crop up it is not the end of the world. If you are doing your job right the good will far outway the bad. 

  • Customer Engagement 

Remember you are running a store, and like in the real world customers want to feel welcomed and be treated with respect. A nice email thanking them for their order or a small gift sample as a token of appreciation can go a long way. By treating customers respectfully they are more likely to leave a review or make another purchase. 

Final Thoughts

So there you have it, the easiest and most effective path to becoming a top seller on Amazon. Follow this guide and you will reach number 1 on Amazon’s search results and have that fabled best seller sticker to show for it. 

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