Amazon Approval Needed?

Amazon Approval Needed?

So, did you just receive the notification that “Amazon approval is required”? Now, what do you do? What even does that mean?

Amazon will only approve this if a health and safety or counterfeit issue is apparent. “Amazon approval needed” typically means that your product has been reviewed and needs to receive approval from Amazon before you can start selling it on their platform. It can also mean that the brand owner has enrolled in the Amazon transparency programme to prevent other sellers from selling the item.

Why you received the message “Amazon permission needed”

There are often two causes for this:

  • Because the item you’re selling is too big or heavy to ship, or because the shipment might include potentially dangerous components that need to be handled carefully, Amazon demands approval.
  • If you’re selling something used or in a condition that makes it very probable that the buyer would return it or request an exchange, Amazon may also require permission.
  • You’re offering for sale something that falls under a “gated” or limited category and needs authorization.
  • Additionally, approval is necessary for some Amazon orders in order to make them genuine and guarantee that you and your customers will be satisfied. Amazon wants to make sure that no customers use their platform to place fraudulent orders and that they only place legitimate orders for which they receive what they paid for. Additionally, they want to make sure that sellers get paid promptly.

Is there a method to block Amazon from requesting permission, you might be asking.

There isn’t a universal approach because your situation can be unique compared to that of other merchants. However, you might pay close attention to your Seller Account settings and even employ an approval management tool to make sure you don’t receive the “approval needed” notification.

Products on Amazon are prohibited in the UK.

Various products have been added to Amazon’s restricted list, which varies by area.

Amazon has taken this action in order to avoid any potential problems that may arise from the sale of hazardous, unlawful, harmful, or otherwise banned goods. Placing specific products on this list truly is nothing more than Amazon taking precautions and protecting themselves because they have taken this step to prevent serious legal and liability difficulties.

Additionally, Amazon wants all of its customers to “purchase with confidence,” so until new sellers establish credibility and a track record of success, they will either not offer certain products at all or limit the number of new sellers who can sell them.

As an Amazon seller, you must take the UK list of forbidden products extremely seriously because failing to do so may result in listing privilege restrictions, cancellation, suspension, or even the removal of all of your listings. Following the rules is far simpler than trying to get around them and running the risk of having your account banned or terminated.

How to submit a selling application to Amazon

If Amazon notified you that your product is within a restricted category and that you must obtain permission before selling it, follow these steps to submit your request:

To sell a certain brand or advertise their goods in a specific Amazon category, sellers must fulfil certain requirements. To request approval:

Go to Seller Central, select “Add a Product” from the inventory menu, and then click the link.
Find the item you want to sell by searching.
Once you get the search results, select the item and then click “Listing restrictions apply.”
To start the Amazon selling application approval procedure, click “Request Approval.”
Simply return to “Add a Product” and select “Selling application status” from the menu at the top of the page to see the status of an application.

Do I need approval to sell on Amazon?

You must get special authorization, or “ungating,” in order to sell banned products. To get started, take these actions:

Create a seller account for professionals.

It is necessary to create a professional seller account rather than an individual one in order to become unrestricted in restricted categories. You can sell items in a few categories, including fine jewellery, collectible coins, big appliances, and rare books.

Establishing a wholesale account

Although your LLC name and Amazon name are different, you must enter both when registering a wholesale account. Also, make sure that the address is the same as the one for your ordinary account.

Start by giving a brief order history.

Purchase ten goods from three separate categories that you want to be unlocked, such as ten groceries, ten rare books, and ten large appliances. You always have the option of keeping the products for yourself or relisting them for sale. Don’t expect to be successful, though; the goal is to get you through the ungating procedure.

Gather and scan your invoices.

Make copies of any invoices you get and set the originals aside. On copies, you are more than welcome to add notes or mark things up, but not on the originals. Make sure the following while copying:

  • At the top is your seller’s name.
  • Each goods has an ASIN, UPC, and item model number next to it on the invoice. Images, or high-resolution copies, are required if you want to bypass restrictions for luggage and travel, clothing and accessories, shoes, and handbags and sunglasses.
  • Amazon provides a link on each category page where you can apply for selling privileges, regardless of which one you want to become unrestricted in. Sending your application during regular business hours will ensure that you receive a prompt response, as Amazon’s response time can range from a few hours to a few days.

You can make listings and sell products in that particular category once you have permission to do so. If you don’t, Amazon will provide a reason, which you may use to improve your application and resubmit it for approval in the future.

What product categories and brands on Amazon are restricted?

Here is a list of the Amazon categories that are currently gated or restricted:

Baby Topical Baby Activity Equipment
newborn car seats
changing diapers
infant feeding
Infant Formula & Food
Baby Carriers & Strollers
Baby & Children’s Furniture
Baby toys
Building-block learning toys for kids
medical equipment
Nutritional Supplements
OTC Medicines
Women’s Hygiene
Nutrition for Sport
Coins for Collecting
Products for household use and personal safety
Aesthetic collectibles
Games and Fine Art Toys (Holiday Selling Requirements Apply)
Join Amazon. Handmade
Subscribe using Amazon Subscription Boxes
Italian origin
CDs and DVDs
Services for Automobiles & Powersports
Sports memorabilia
Media Streaming Players
Blu-ray, DVD, and video watches

The list above, however, is not exhaustive because Amazon frequently updates it.

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